Bing's Salon
(510) 658 - 7299
5408 College Ave, Oakland, California 94620
Bryan P. on Yelp says: "Before Bing, I didn't understand the difference a good haircut can make. Before special occasions, everyone would go for a haircut except for me. I always thought I looked worse after a haircut. And I was sort of right. I did look worse after getting my hair cut. Because I was getting the wrong cut. You know that George Zimmer commercial for Men's Warehouse? When Bing cut my hair, I liked the way I looked. I couldn't believe how much better I looked. And apparently, neither could my friends, family, and co-workers. I've never gotten compliments on my hair before but after Bing cut it, I was getting 2-3 a day for a week. The only bad thing is that haircuts are like that new car smell. They don't last. But now I know just where to go to get my hair looking its absolute best. Wish I could say the same about my car :/"