Rockridge Masonic Hall Association
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5449 College , Oakland, California 94618
Outsiders to Freemasonry are often confused, or even offended, about the membership policies and qualifications of the Craft. Put simply, Freemasonry is a fraternity that does not recruit for membership. These are among the specific rules that are so old, and held to be so inviolable, that they are termed the "Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry". We make no excuses for, nor exceptions from them. Fathers do not ask their sons to join, no matter how much they hope for it. We do not solicit our oldest and dearest friends. Because we do not invite men to join us, no matter how deserving we may think they are, we may appear aloof, secretive and even ominous to the outside world. To become a Mason, a man must first ask a Mason about joining the organization.